Growth Track

Members will grow at their own pace in a team environment.

Here's how we'll track personal growth up to 1 dan (degree black-belt) by attendance. 


After first 24 hours (1-2 quarters)

Kendo etiquette, vocabulary

Counting in Japanese


Sonkyo and Kamae 


Fumikiri, fumikomi 

Kendo conditioning/endurance

Striking men

Graduate to 10 kyu & kendo dogi (kendo clothes) after 20 hours


After 48 hours (2-4 quarters)

Graduate to 8 kyu and bogu


After 72 hours (3-6 quarters)

First official rank test for 6 kyu 

Next 96 hours (4-8 quarters)

Second official rank test for 5 kyu

. . .

Show up Consistently

With a Good Attitude

And Desire to Learn;

Put in the Effort with Grittiness 

Over a Long Period of Time

and you can Succeed.