Is CKK the Right Fit for Me?

We may be a really friendly dojo, but it doesn't mean our mission aligns with yours. Before you visit our dojo, take a second to answer these questions for yourself:

Q: Why am I so curious about kendo? 


Q: What about kendo draws me to it?


Q: What's attractive about it? 



To me, being good at may kendo mean ___________.

At Cascade, we need certain kinds of people and don't need others. Who we don't need are vampires. Vampires are those who offer nothing to our dojo. They just come and take the lessons they want, hit other people for their own enjoyment, checkout and repeat the next week. Just like a vampire, they suck the life out of a body instead of give life to it. We need people who want to give to the dojo just as much as they want to learn from everyone in it. They're selfless people, yet work on personal growth.


Our motto is "Life-giving sword." I believe people of value give value to the communities they're members of and if they don't they're viruses.