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A Secret Page

for our out-of-town friends

We've got you covered. Literally!

We've got bogu for you to borrow while you're traveling! It's clean, chic and ready for keiko. Just bring your zekken, hakama and keiko-gi. Visiting multiple dojos? Take it with you for as long as you're here! We'll arrange to pick it up from the dojo you last keiko-ed with. If you're really concerned about the right fit, you can bring your own men and kote

Kendo Buds & Taste Buds.

Here are a few of our favorite places to hang out and grab a bite!

Suika Seattle Izakaya, Seattle

After Keiko Recommendation?

Sapporo or Asahi

Rainbow Uni Shooter (individual)

Soft Shell Crab Kara-age (share)

The Hellz Ramen (individual)

Why Suika? Not only is the food delicious, in one of the most popular parts of Seattle (Capitol Hill) and great for parties, our friends Kan and Masako whose kids practice with us manage the restaurant and make the amazing desserts! Kan actually was in construction before and you can see his amazing handiwork throughout the interior of the restaurant! Keep an eye out for Ultraman Shrines, video game collages and bar decor made of vintage kimonos. Suika means watermelon and even the hand soap smells like it!

Tamari Bar, Seattle

After Keiko Recommendation? 

Miso Beer

Wagyu On A Rock (share)

Sashimi Stair Case (share)

Terry's Kitchen, Bellevue

After Keiko Recommendation?

Manny's Pale Ale

SC Garlic Chicken Wings (share)

Tomato Beef Chow Mein (share)

Imperial Mix-up Fried Rice

Why Terry's? It's some of the most authentic Northwest Japanese-American food you can find - perhaps THE MOST authentic you can find around. 

The Roanoke Inn, Mercer Island

After  Keiko Recommendatino?

Beer - Something from Deschutes Brewery in Oregon or Pyramid in Seattle

Club sandwich and onion rings is Papa Imanishi-sensei's go-to

I-90 Nachos

Why Roanoke? It's a local landmark on Mercer Island. It's unique and got a selection of good Northwest beers.

Old School Frozen Custard

After Keiko Recommendation?

Hop on over here after Suika or Tamari Bar and get anything. Anything. 

Why Old School? Cheney-sensei, the PNKF president, owns this yummy little frozen treat spot. We like him. 

Secret tip: Get 10% off. Ask for the "kendo discount" ;)

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