Lighthouse Christian Church Labor Day Picnic Performance

Dojo members Bryan Imanishi Sensei, Taryn, Jake, Natalie, Kyle, Ai, Grant and David performed for Lighthouse Christian Church's annual Labor Day picnic  in Bellevue. They really knocked it out of the park (pun intended)! Check out the video!

Nisei Veterans Chow Mein Dinner Fundraiser

The Nisei Veterans Committee is a non-profit organization in Seattle, WA. Their mission is to educate all people of the history of Japanese-American WWII veterans. 

Cascade members Bob, Stephanie, Chris and Mas happily hand deliver take-out orders at the curbside in front of NVC Hall. 

Nihonmachi Nite

Nihonmachi Nite is a day to celebrate the Seattle's Japantown. Our lively kendo demonstration draws quite a crowd and invites audience participation!